Project support for the development and assembly of electric engines for Logicdata

A very compelling and fascinating project was the development and assembly of an electric engine. The task had two focus areas:

In the department of industrialization/batch fabrication:

  • Conceptualization and evaluation of different automized production strategies
  • Determination of predicted cycle times and production cost with consideration of different sales forecasts and different depths of automation
  • Make-or-buy evaluation and selection of suppliers

Support in research and development:

  • Evaluation of design options of components with regards to production methods
  • Generation of concepts for easy and error-resistant assembly

“In the cooperation with TUMAS we at LOGICDATA appreciated their flexibility and structured approach to the problem. Moreover, TUMAS came up with creative and innovative approaches to solutions for our problems time and time again. TUMAS provided support in a stage of the project when we had to make progress but didn’t have the necessary internal know-how and resources.“

Alexander Ketter, team leader industrialisation