I am an engineer passionate about my field with more than 20 years of experience. With my expertise I can support and facilitate the improvement and implementation of corporate processes in your company.

Personally, I highly value sustainability and integrity which also shine through in the work I do. For me, these are not mere words – it’s a matter of preserving our planet for our children

My expertise and experience makes me an ideal consultant and project manager for a spectrum of different projects. At the core of my work I focus on adapting and improving processes in order to facilitate maintaining a competitive advantage. In addition, streamlined processes improve your employees’ workflow, productivity and job satisfaction

My thorough education spans from an apprenticeship as a toolmaker to the study of business administration and informatics and includes expertise in

• Business and production processes
• Expertise with various ERP systems
• Broad knowledge in planning, calculating and executing small and large scale projects

My career path
• Apprenticeship as toolmaker
• Worked as toolmaker and draftsman
• Extra-occupational training in mechanical engineering and management of drafting and project department
• Studies in business administration with focus on information technology
• Engineer in process technology and production manager

In my leisure time I am a passionate glider pilot who enjoys the challenges I face up in the air.